Norfolk Foundation, as a private operating foundation, will engage in programmatic activities in support of our mission.  To this end, our emphasis will focus on engaging in programs which support our three main tenets:

  • Establishment of a pedestrian hub in downtown Norfolk offering improved linkage between all of Norfolk’s major institutions as well as access to trail networks.

  • Establishment of Norfolk as a major center for arts and culture in the region.

  • In doing these things, we intend to provide support to, serve as a useful link among, the various nonprofits active in Norfolk.

We also believe effective philanthropy should be a deeply collaborative enterprise in which donors and grantees jointly leverage their resources, skills, and organisational capacity for the achievement of common goals. We expect all projects to demonstrate sustainability beyond the terms of our support. To this end, we:

  • Prefer wherever possible to partner with other organisations in ways that also strengthen our partners;

  • Provide funds only for specific projects and no general organisation support;

  • Will consider well thought out applications designed to develop an organisation’s capacity in ways that would advance its, and our, mission;

  • Will seek out grant or other support ourselves where appropriate.


The town of Norfolk is a complex community of old families and new incomers, year-round residents and summer people, at once cosmopolitan and wholly removed from the pace and rhythm of the city; it is a place of extraordinary natural beauty, of hills and lakes, of old forests worked over, cut down, renewed; it is a history distinguished by its artists, writers, musicians. The Norfolk Foundation works for all this — for a Norfolk that becomes even more vitally, fully, and sustainably itself.