The Norfolk Hub will follow this operating schedule in the event of inclement weather:

Open @ 9:30 am - When Botelle/Region 7 schools have a delayed opening

Open @ 12:00 n - When Botelle/Region 7 schools are closed for inclement weather**

Close @ 3:00 pm - When Botelle/Region 7 schools have an early release

**Norfolk Hub reserves the right to close for the day if parking &/or roads will be impacted by timing of inclement weather. 

If the Norfolk Hub is closed due to inclement weather, all Norfolk Hub events scheduled for that day will be cancelled/postponed.

If Norfolk Hub closes early (@ 3:00pm) due to inclement weather, all events scheduled after 3:00pm will be cancelled/postponed.

When possible events will be cancelled/postponed with 24 hours’ notice; evening event cancellation/postponement will be announced by 3:00pm on the day of the event.

Norfolk Hub members can still use the Hub using their before/after hours access but, please use caution when walking in front of the Hub as sidewalk treatment may not occur until the day following a weather event.

We will update our website home page - norfolkfoundation.net - to reflect the status of our operating hours due to inclement weather.

You can also see school closings on the following local TV channels: WFSB 3, NBC 4, ABC 8.

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