Hub Spaces

We have the following spaces available for use:

Two Private Offices - for individual work space / or occupancy up to 3 people.

Meeting Conference Room - holds 12-14 around table; up to 20 using perimeter of room; computer with wireless keyboard/mouse; access to internet, basic cable.

How To Book

To book a space:

  1. Select the date using the date picker on the top left.

  2. Then simply click on the time you wish to reserve, under the room you wish to book. If you are on a mobile device, you may need to use the arrows on the top right to see all the available spaces.

  3. Drag to extend to cover the desired time.

  4. Double-click the timeframe box, or click “Book” at the top to enter your details.

  5. Click “Cancel” at the top if you change your mind.

The Private Offices may be booked by Hub Members for free, and by non-Members for a small fee.

The Conference Room may only be booked by Hub or Community Members. If you would like to book it, please click the green “+” icon on the bottom right to login as a Member first.

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